Dear visitor,

thank you for coming by our booth at Sweden International Horse Show!

Christmas is just around the corner and we would like to celebrate in advance with you by offering you a chance to win great prizes from

our partners


Here is what you have a chance to win:

  • 30.000 isk (approximately 2260 SEK) off a flight to Iceland with Icelandair - offered by us, Horses of Iceland
  • A voucher for a 1 hour riding tour with


    alond with a waist bag, reusable bottle, t-shirt, a postcard and an A3 poster by photographer Gígja Einarsdóttir
  • A relief saddle pad

    - offered by Hrímnir (you can see it in our booth)
  • A

    detangler spray

    - offered by Hestakofi
  • An

    A4 print of your choice

    (any picture on her instagram profile) - offered by Louisa Hackl
  • A free

    3 month subscription

    to the Guðmar Pétursson Community on Patreon
  • A free

    3 month Premium subscription

    to HorseDay premium

How to play

All you have to do is

fill out this form

(which will sign you up to our Newsletter) and answer a few questions about Horses of Iceland. You will find all the answers in our brochure or on our website.

We will draw the winners on December 15th and be in touch with them via email so watch our for it at that time. Best of luck!