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Icelandic horses and riders with the Icelandic flag at Landsmót, 2022

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Are you coming to Iceland's biggest event around the Icelandic horse? Come and see us. We have a lot in store for you!

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News on the Icelandic horse

Icelandic horses running in a field with mountains and the sea in the background.

International day of the Icelandic Horse

Let's celebrate the international day of the Icelandic horse together

Magnús Bragi Magnússon and Óskadís frá Steinnesi in tölt at Meistaradeild KS 2023 - Photo: Carina Rautenbach

KS's Champions' League is starting

The first event of KS' Champions' League will be on Friday February 22, in the North of Iceland...

Poster for the celebration of FT's (Iceland's Horse Trainers' Association) 50 year anniversary show.

The Trainers' Association invites you to their 50th anniversary show

FT, the Icelandic Trainer's Association is celebrating its 50th anniversay on Saturday 17, Febr...

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The five Gaits

The horses of Iceland are a so-called gaited horse breed. This means that most Icelandic horses have two extra gaits to offer besides walk, trot and canter/gallop. All horse breeds have these three natural gaits and can perform them without training. The extra gaits that set the Icelandic horse apart from other breeds are called tölt and flying pace.

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Colourful breed

The Icelandic horse has over 40 colours and up to 100 variations and, with only few exceptions, most of the known horse colours can be found within the breed. This fact adds both to the charming look of the Icelandic horse and to variation within the breed.

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Videos of the magnificent Icelandic Horse

Horses of Iceland