Icelandic horses and riders with the Icelandic flag at Landsmót, 2022

Photo: Gunnar Gunnarsson

Landsmót is the biggest horse event in Iceland. It is held every two years in various places around the island.

This year, Landsmót will be held in Reykjavík from July 1 to July 7.
Throughout the week, Horses of Iceland will host you in the '


' where we will tell you all about

the project


our partners

, and take you for a ride through our VR glasses. During the weekend, you'll find us in the Market area.

We also have a great scavenger hunt planned. More details soon.

From Monday to Friday, we invite you all to come and listen to a series of talks on various subjects around the Icelandic horse with great speakers.

The themes will include:

  • Equine dentistry
  • Equine osteopathy
  • Equine health management
  • Gæðinga competition
  • Scientific research
  • And more...

The full program will be announced soon.

On top of this, we encourage breeders and farms to have open houses in the days previous to / during / or following Landsmót so that guests can visit them and get to know Icelandic breeders.

A list of those who organise open houses will soon be available below.

If you are interested in becoming a partner and having an open house, feel free to contact us: