Apr 5, 2023

May 1, international day of the Icelandic horse „Scratch that horse challenge“

We have a new challenge for you! It celebrates the bond between horses and humans. We hope you like it, your horse definitely will!

We've got an exciting challenge for you and your Icelandic horses!

We all know that Icelandic horses have their unique personalities and preferences, and there's nothing quite like seeing them in their element.

So, what's your Icelandic horse's ultimate favorite spot to get a good scratch? Is it the belly, the withers, or maybe the tail? We want to know!

And here's where it gets even better: From today and until April 30, we're asking you to share one or many reels of your Icelandic horse getting their favorite scratch. We want to see those happy, contented, funny expressions.

And the icing on the cake? On May 1, international day of the Icelandic horse, we will draw a winner who will receive a special prize that we'll be announcing soon.

So let's celebrate the unique bond between Icelandic horses and their humans! Start scratching those Icelandic horses and show us their favorite spot!

Here‘s how to take part:

·      Post your reel on instagram, you have from now until April 30.

·      Tag Horses Of Iceland on the reel.

·      Use #dayoftheicelandichorse and #horsesoficeland on the reel.

·      Make sure you follow Horses of Iceland‘s account.

·      Make sure you have a helmet if you‘re riding while scratchin‘.

·      Make sure your horse is feeling reaaaal good about those scratches at all times!

·      By participating, you accept the possibility that Horses of Iceland will share some of your reels.