Jan 25, 2024

Icelandic Horses at Partner Pferd 2024

This year, thanks to IPZV Landesverband Mitteldeutschland, Icelandic horses were present at Partner Pferd, a trade show in Liepzig.

The IPZV Landesverband Mitteldeutschland team

This year, Horses of Iceland helped IPZV Landesverband Mitteldeutschland participate in Partner Pferd, in Leipzig, Germany by lending them booth walls for their booth.

Julianne Knoop tells us how things went in the story below:

Icelandic horse village at Partner Pferd in Leipzig, Germany


From January 18-21, horse fans from all over Germany and neighboring countries met at the beautiful exhibition grounds in Leipzig to shop to their heart's content, get information and inspiration, and meet like-minded people. In the action ring, people and horses gave their best to inspire the visitors, and the large show arena was well attended and offered international equestrian sport at the highest level. And right in the middle of it all: our Icelandic horses.

The planning of the "Icelandic Horse Village" project has been going on for well over a year, and thanks to many tireless supporters, there was a large booth with an information desk as well as a quiz and lounge corner to answer visitors' questions at Partner Pferd. The booth was framed by a paddock where Icelandic horses could be observed around the clock and also by our co-exhibitors Hestakofi, Islandpferdezeug and Gangsalat. The colorful and glittering accessories in the entrance of the Icelandic horse village were just as much a magnet for visitors as the information stand with the large TV showing beautiful videos of our Icelandic horses and their homeland, and the appealing exhibition walls and banners of Horses of Iceland and the IPZV e.V..


On all 4 days, there was an exciting and informative quiz with great prizes, a huge raffle and a mixed entertainment program. Our show performances in the action ring were undoubtedly a major highlight. The newly created show team of the IPZV Mitteldeutschland, which could be seen in action for the first time at Partner Pferd under this name, thrilled the audience from Friday to Sunday with two performances. The show program included a gait presentation - including flying pace - as well as the popular tölt drill team, which thrilled the spectators by the dozen. The concept of a commented warm-up phase before the drill performance was new. The idea of saying goodbye to the spectators after this main act with a glass of sparkling wine was rewarded with lots of extra applause.

The Icelandic horses' appearance at the fair was a complete success, which would not have been possible without our generous sponsors and supporters.
We are looking forward to the Partner Pferd 2025.