Feb 13, 2024

The Trainers' Association invites you to their 50th anniversary show

FT, the Icelandic Trainer's Association is celebrating its 50th anniversay on Saturday 17, February in Viðidalur.

On Saturday, the Icelandic Trainer's association, Félag Tamningamann (or FT), is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a big show in the Lýsi arena in Víðidalur, in Reykjavík (Brekknaás 5, 110 Reykjavík).

The celebration will start at 11.00. Ástund is the main sponsor of the event and their support allows FT to invite anyone interested to come and watch for free.

Throughout the years, FT has played an instrumental role in the great evolution of horsemanship and teaching in Iceland.

Some of FT's founding members will be with us on Saturday, as well as Riding Masters and other trainers who will tell us how they train their horses and what they find important in the training of horses of all ages.

A must see event for all Icelandic horse lovers out there!