Landsmót – The National Icelandic Horse Competition will be held July 3-10th. The program will be varied and everyone should find something to their liking. The formal program of Landsmót ends on Saturday evening, July 9, and therefore Sunday, July 10, is dedicated to the breeders of the Icelandic horse in the area.

Horse breeders in the South will have open houses and invite interested horsepeople home. In this way, the public is given the opportunity to get to know the activities, breeding and breeding goals of the various horse breeders, in addition to which breeders get to meet horsemen and have a good chat about the various aspects of horsemanship.

Horses of Iceland will present on its web media and at Landsmót, all the farms that will open their houses to visitors this Sunday in July. So keep an eye on the news and get acquainted who will take part in this fun day!

Who does not want to meet the stars of Landsmót in their home field and get the opportunity to meet top breeders?

These horse breeders in the South welcome you to their farm.

We will be introducing our partners on social media, so stay tuned!