Aug 28, 2022

The final day of Survive Iceland

Day 4 of Survive Iceland has come to an end! On the final day the riders started in Landmannahellir where they rode a 31km ring on a new trail.

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The fastest team on the first leg of the day was Team Lífland. 

The second leg was cut a bit shorter than originally planned and ended up being 29km back to Rjúpnavellir. Team Lífland came in first again and once all riders had arrived, the overall winner, best rider and best horse were announced.

Team Lífland with rider Hermann Árnason won the competition with a total time of 14 hours and 11 minutes in the saddle. Team Tamangur/Hestaland and Team Eldhestar both won the price for the best rider. Their horses had the least penalties during the whole competition. The best horse was Karel from Team H. Hestaferðir. He is a powerful and brave horse that made his rider Emelie very happy during the race. 

It was a great adventure for all participants and everyone involved and everyone enjoyed the last evening together with Prosecco and one last supper. 


Louisa Hackl

The final day of Survive Iceland