Icelandic horse lovers around the world can enjoy the best of the Icelandic horse breeding scene with live streaming and commentary in three languages on Eiðfaxi’s Breeding Day, 9 May. Horses of Iceland will be there with behind-the-scenes coverage our on social media.

Icelandic horse magazine Eiðfaxi will celebrate the launch of its Stallion Register (Stóðhestabók Eiðfaxa) with the Breeding Day on 9 May, when many of Iceland’s best horse breeding farms will demonstrate their stallions, breeding mares and offspring on the track in Víðidalur in Reykjavík. Eiðfaxi will broadcast live from the event by streaming from its website with commentary in three languages: Icelandic, English and German. Horses of Iceland will of course be there and will show what’s happening behind the scenes on our social media.

Editor of Eiðfaxi Gísli Guðjónsson explains that the Breeding Day is also held to provide Icelandic horse breeders with a platform to demonstrate the result of their winter training. “Landsmót and other events have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic but with modern technology we can organise an event like this. We cannot invite spectators to come and watch – except maybe from their cars – but we can broadcast live from the event from our website and we will make sure that it’s of the best possible quality.” Five cameras will be used for the broadcast.

Viewers log on through, choose their language of preference and pay a moderate fee. “We can expect superb horses and riders,” says Gísli. The programme, which will be announced closer to the event, includes some of Iceland’s highest-judged stallions and best-known breeding farms and other exciting numbers.

“We hope that all horse enthusiasts will appreciate that we’re trying to do something about the current situation. This could prove a great opportunity for Icelandic horse breeders to make themselves noticed,” says Gísli. “Now that summer is around the corner we should think outside the box and do something for the benefit of our industry.”

Horse breeders in Iceland who are interested in promoting their horses and participating in the Breeding Day should contact Eiðfaxi by email asap:

Text: Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir. Photo: Gígja Einarsdóttir. From Landsmót 2016.