While every year several competitions and breeding shows for Icelandic horses are held in various countries, the biggest events are without doubt the World Championships and Landsmót, each held every second year. Landsmót is a national event in Iceland, where all the best horses get together in several competitions and shows.  As no horse import is allowed to Iceland, this event only consists of horses born in Iceland.

The World Championship, however, is always held outside Iceland. The team from Iceland certainly is always very driven and competitive, but as the horses can never return once they leave the island, sometimes the very best horses in each class might not attend the World Championships!

World Championships receive an average of 10 000 guests from all over the world. Visitors to these events are of course mainly horse lovers, but many also come for the unique atmosphere, to meet old and new friends and simply enjoy themselves among great horses, like-minded people and a happy community.

The annual round-ups in September are another popular social gathering in Iceland. First the sheep, and then the horses are driven down from the mountains where they spent the summer. A selected group of riders are involved in the actual gathering and driving down the herds from the mountains, which may take several days. Once the heard is in reach of the sorting pens, thousands of people attend these special events, some having come from very far. As the round-ups are held in various areas, attending them all would be impossible, so most have a specific location where they come every year to help out, celebrate with friends and family and perhaps buy a new future riding horse or a brood mare!